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The On-Demand Virtual Conference for Middle School ELA Teachers

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Why Upgrade to the All-Access Pass?


- A perfect, timely lesson plan for Middle School ELA each month, all year long

- Examples are figurative language, poetry, paired passages, writing mini-lessons, etc.

- Standards-based, engaging, and creative for students (while easy for you to teach with!)

- Yes! You're taken care of all year long even after the MSELA Summit ends.

30 Hours of Continuing Education / Prof'l Dev.

- One certificate per day (6 hours) x 5 days = 30 hours!

- Specific date and daily theme pre-printed on each day's certificate

- Editable box allows you to type in your own name for the certificates

- These downloadable certificates serve as a record of your time for CE/PD proof


- PDF note-taking sheets specific for each speaker's session so you can skim / refer back to them as often as you wish, keeping things super organized for you!

- All downloads, extras, and bonuses in one location, PLUS additional bonus speaker interviews with every single speaker for deeper dives into the topics (these bonus sessions are NOT available anywhere else)!


- With your free ticket to the MSELA Summit, you will only be able to see the speaker presentations on the day they go live. If you miss it, it's gone forever. With your VIP All-Access Pass, you'll have unlimited viewing to watch the interviews at your convenience, as many times as you wish, until July 2022.

- Your VIP All-Access Pass also lets you listen to the MP3 audio files of each session so you can listen on the go like a podcast if you prefer, anytime.


- Can't take action on everything you see and learn, but wish you could? 

- With the VIP Bundle Pass, you can revisit the videos at a later date when the knowledge and resources shared are most applicable to you.


Grab Your All-Access Pass!

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You Get 30 Hours

of PD Credit


Your All-Access Pass!

> > Get On-Demand Access ALL YEAR LONG < <

Frequently Asked Questions about the VIP Access Pass  

How much does the VIP Access Pass cost?  

The VIP All-Access Pass costs $19 from now until time is up (so grab it NOW before time runs out). When the timer ends, the price increases to $29. On July 25 (the day the MSELA Summit begins), the price will be $49. This is literally the lowest price you will ever see so by all means, get in on it now. I am 100% confident that you will love what you're getting. Even if you end up changing grade levels or subjects, the value you get will blow you out of the water and you'll still get so much from the event that you can put to use.

What does having this pass allow me to do or to get?  

I'm waaaaay overdelivering on this event! Not only do you have the option of attending the entire live event, but you also get 12 months of access to all the event video recordings, PDF transcripts, MP3 files so you can listen on the go, as well as all the speakers' own handouts and downloadable resources without having to enter your email address each time you want to grab a resource (plus extra bonus interviews with speakers NOT in the free ticket). It's all yours to access as often as you need to, all year long. Plus, you're also getting a unique lesson plan perfect for the middle school ELA classroom EACH MONTH ALL YEAR LONG as part of the over-delivery I'm providing from the MSELA Summit. In fact, you get them all upfront, right away, so you don't have to wait.

Does it include a PD (professional development) Certificate?

Yes! All-Access Pass ticket holders will receive a PD Certificate unique to each day the of the MSELA Summit for a total of 30+ hours of time. These certificates will be available after the summit ends, inside the private site online so attendees can access them anytime throughout the year as needed.  

What is the refund policy?  

We are confident you will love the value of information provided throughout the MSELA Summit as well as all the extra materials and resources that come with the All-Access Pass. Therefore, no refunds will be issued (unless you have a tech issue and accidentally pay twice).


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